How to Make an ACEO card

There are some good links here. 

Directions on how to make an ACEO 

Keep in mind what we need to do on ours:

 Artwork is on one side.  We want the artwork to reflect a face that has impacted your interest in a special cause. 

Rescue information of your choice on the back along with artist name and either Save A Face Project or http://www.saveaface.wordpress  This web site can be shared to encourage people to collect the cards.   

As an artist you can either sell the cards on e-bay yourself and designate the rescue of your choice to receive the proceeds.  (I will be assigning 75% to the rescue and 25% to cover e-bay fees and postage.)  E-bay makes it easy to do this with non-profit organizations.   They handle getting the money to the rescue.  If you do not want to do this you can send the cards to me at:

Sue Steiner

White Horse Studio

324 Cleveland Ave. NW

Canton, Ohio 44702

Please send me a link to your listing on E-bay if you choose to do this yourself.  I will add the listing here.   Also add the keywords Save A Face Project  to your listing so if someone wants to collect the cards they will pop up on e-bay.

This link gives some information on how to sell ACEO cards.  You can also get an idea of why this form of art is a good fit here for us.  We want to encourage people to collect our cards.

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