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I am SO Appreciative!

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

The last several months I have had the pleasure of seeing not only progress in the health and physical condition of my rescue horses but also am seeing major improvements in their emotional well being.  I can see they feel good and are happy.  The other thing these horses have done for me is bring some really wonderful people into my life.  I have made friends thru social media which has led to being able to make new friends in person as well!  I have horse friends again!  🙂  I have seen the horses bring a sparkle to some very special  ‘at risk’ kids eyes.  I have met a wonderful local horse trainer who is kind and knowledgeable and good with the horses.  I have friends across the country and even over seas who are helping promote Save A Face.  People are bidding on the artwork.  I am getting donations from other artists.  This is all so very touching!  We have passed the 500.00 mark for donations collected from eBay sales.  I know the rescues and therapy programs appreciate what all of you are doing.  Amazing how what might on the surface appear to be only about the animals is really good for the people too!  This makes me happy because I am not one of those animal rescue people who don’t ‘like’ people.  I would probably be rescuing people (babies and kids for sure!!!) if it wasn’t so much more complicated!  I like to think though now that in a way this people rescuing is happening too starting with me.

My daughter left for college and it is a very exciting, happy time but so bittersweet too.  I have braced for this time hoping I would handle the transition well.  I knew my daughter would do wonderful!  🙂  So I appreciate how  this project has brought a new focus and people to my life.

I wanted to share some photos of the horses taken today.

palomino rescue horse


arabian mare  equine artist

Me and Abbey

brindle roan horse

Baylie and Sue

art helping the wild mustangs!


New listings up on eBay!  Search ‘Save A Face’ or follow this


Thank you!


Benefitting Alder Horse Rescue and my new Appy

July 2, 2010 3 comments

 Alder Hill Farm has taken in numerous appaloosa horses in every size, shape and color that are now ready to be adopted and trained.  I painted this colorful appaloosa in order to honor my new appy rescue, Splash but also to benefit Adler Hill Rescue. 

I have several new pieces that will go up for auction after the holiday.  I also am starting to get donations from other artists as well so there will be a variety to choose from. 

Remember you can help by tweeting the e-bay listings and blog posts, joining our facebook group and ‘sharing’ photos and links and inviting friends.  

Thank you so much!!

Sue Steiner

animal artist

Introducing ‘Bling’, a new rescue

June 17, 2010 2 comments

Bling, a beautiful, pale gold palomino arrived the other day.  He came from the New Holland area from a horse broker and ‘kill buyer’ who takes horses to auctions and then the slaughterhouse.    I acquired Bling thru 

I am always surprised at the difference between my impression vs. the reality of the horse.   This is my 3rd horse I got this way.  You see a photo, a short video and an even shorter description of the horse.  Thats it.   Bling performed flying lead changes on his video and looked a little ‘high headed’ in his photo.  He looked quite regal. I was expecting a taller, lighter build horse that was maybe a little hot.  Bling came and he is as far from hot as can be!  Which is fine.  This horse is built like a tank,  (although he needs some weight), closer to the ground and is as laid back as they come.  I haven’t ridden him yet but will this weekend. 

So he was named Bling partly because of his gold color and partly because of his non-flashy attitude which is the opposite of what I think of when I hear the word bling.  

I took these photos the first day he arrived.  It was hard to get him NOT eating. Poor boy is still catching up with his fluid intake.     He had some dings and minor cuts but over all looks to be in good shape.  His hooves need some time and attention– they look short and with minor cracks.  My farrier will be here next week and I will ask him what he thinks this horse needs.  Maybe just good nutrition, regular trims and a supplement will be enough help.  He does not appear sore or lame thankfully.   He does need his teeth done.  I’ll get the vet out to do that soon.  Worming, teeth, feet, shots…. water and food.   Check, check, check.  +  Time and attention +  ‘Being a horse’ pasture time + regular handling and riding = a whole new animal.     

I’m kind of excited now that I see Bling’s personality…. I have been making great progress with Rhythm, another rescue, using her as a trail horse so now I am imagining a couple very nice trail horses.   

I often would get requests from people wanting to come over and ride.  My arabs are sweethearts but they don’t take kindly to beginner rider’s.  Its funny how this risky way of acquiring a horse has given me what I needed.  I know I could of  just as easily gotten a sick or lame horse– that kind of goes with the territory (and Bling is too new for me to know all about him yet).     But it looks like I got some really nice horses– which makes me sad for all the horses that don’t get seen or bought privately.  What a shame.  I think of the ‘higher’ purpose of things.   These horses have a much higher purpose than to be food…. I already have several kids lined up interested in meeting these horses.   Even for the lame and sick ones there is value in caring for these too- I have had several horses I knew would never be ridden again and got so much out of taking care of them and seeing them improve and be happy.   It seems to meet this need to nurture and care for something and since horses are so honest in their reactions you get this immediate feedback of how you are doing.  In our fast paced techno world the earthy, daily work of caring for them is very grounding and healthy.   That’s how I see it anyways. 

Enough blabbing– here’s the pretty boy!  Expect to see many paintings of him!  I love his coloring and his classic face….. those eyelashes are too much. 

E-bay listing link

If the listing has expired you can also search artbysuesteiner2010 and see the current listings being offered for sale.  many of these have proceeds going to various rescues.  Feel free to pass the link along or suggest rescues.  I am not affliated with any one rescue.  I am just an artist who likes to paint animals and rescue them!  This keeps my barn from overflowing– I have another outlet to help.  I hope you see it this way too.  thank you!

horse art, palomino quarter horse

Bling, a palomino rescue horse

palomino horse painting

Golden Boy and his Angels

colorful horse painting, abstract horse painting
Close up view of brushstrokes and texture

This painting was created while I was ‘fundraising’ for Bling and did not know if he was going to be safe or not.  I like to pick out a horse to paint from the list of horses in the broker’s program and use that for this project.  I am hoping to bring a face to horse slaughter and inspire people to remember them.  I also see so many people helping week after week– I thought a tangible, visible reminder of how they are helping the horses is nice.  It also, I imagine can be a conversation starter.  Hang it in your office and I bet people will ask about it! 

Update on the 3 Amigos Painting

June 10, 2010 3 comments

First off I apologize for the poor quality photos.  I love my working studio but about 5:00- 6:00 PM the sun comes in directly and then I have to start moving my easle so I don’t bake!   🙂  I scooted my easle as far away as I could from the sun but kept getting a shadow across the canvas.  since this is a work in progress I won’t worry about it.  I’ll take another, nicer photo when i am back in my studio.

I am loving the colors and the composition in this.  I usually don’t paint with straight lines and alot of perspective so this is good for me.  I don’t want the background to be very detailed because I want your eye on two things… first the beautiful mares in the front.  They will be bright and colorful and I think I am going to work it out so the front mare looks like she is about ready to step out… I think there is some symbolism there.  I don’t want this to feel sad or gloomy.  I want it to have hope and direction– since these horses were a big part in getting me more motivated in speaking out against horse slaughter  I think the strong lines represent this movement in me and many others.  I also want your eyes to go to the background where the horse in silohette IS getting out into the light.  Again I see the hope in this since its a reminder to keep doing what you can because SOME are getting out. 

This is on a 16 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas painted in oils.  I will auction off the original and then have limited edition prints made with proceeds going to help slaughter bound horses thru a 501 (c) 3 rescue. 

Work in progress of the 3 Amigos

Front mare detail

Thanks for following along.  I’ll post more soon. 

Sue Steiner, equine and animal artist

Hunter/Jumper TB Original Watercolor

This original watercolor is of a handsome thoroughbred horse.  Tb’s are said to have the ‘Look Of Eagles’ although I think in this portrait the horses eye is very kind and relaxed.  One of the things I loved about our tb mare is she was sweet as the day is long but about the most athletic horse I have ever seen.  She had a calm, thoughtful way about herself but could turn on the power when needed.  She also loved to jump!  It breaks my heart that many horses going thru the auction and ultimately head for slaughter are tbs.  The proceeds from the sale of this painting goes to CANTER, Ohio which rehomes and rescues tbs. 

This painting is framed in a unstained wood frame, matted and signed under glass.  The painting is 9 x 12 and with the matt is 11 x 14.  Please consider bidding on this piece.   If you can’t bid but want to help please share this link on social networks or direct your friends here.  I also welcome links to this site. 

Thank you and happy trails. 

Hunter Jumper Thoroughbred Horse Watercolor Painting 

Here’s a link to the online auction.  You can also search Save A Face on e-bay or artbysuesteiner2010 


Help Bring a TWH Home!

White Horse Studio of artist Sue Steiner

I added 3 new original paintings to an online e-bay auction.  Please consider bidding and passing on.   The proceeds on my end will go to vet and trim my newest rescue, an older chestnut TWH gelding named Johnny Walker. 

The auction can be found here.  You can also search for Save A Face, Sue Steiner or artbysuesteiner

Thank you!

Sue Steiner

I want them all!!!

I love horses!!!

I think one reason the loss of the 3 Amigo mares has really effected me is I came ~this~ close to offering a home!!  You can probably find my posts on the facebook photo albums underneath their photo verifying this.  My head was saying — no, you’ve taken in two and you barn is full!  My heart offered summer pasture to someone so that could be considered a ‘home offer’.   My head was saying that if you get in over your head you are not helping anyone!  Caring for horses takes time.  I feel good about the time I have to spend with my 4 horses.  I am able to groom, ride, inspect and dote on each one.  It takes time to care for them.   My heart was frantically trying to figure out how I could get more horses so they could be saved.  My head said ‘that is not the solution. ‘  

Becoming a ‘horse hoarder’ is not the answer to the problem of horses going to slaughter.  Education and supporting rescues is the answer.  That is my hope for this project.  Lets gather forces, educate and support our favorite rescues!  Please spread the word to others so our reach can spread. 

I like the idea of the ACEO cards because I can still collect the wonderful faces I want to help.  I can care for the horses in my care AND collect more and more and more!!!  And help those in need in the process.   

If you also want to help and fight the urge to collect …. please browse this web site and see what we are building here.  We would like you to collect ACEO cards that help the rescues.  By doing so you can still collect …. and promote… and educate and support rescues.   

Thank you!

Sue Steiner