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Regrouping in Order to do this Better!

November 5, 2010 2 comments

colorful cat face painting

I love to paint!  I love my rescue animals.  And I have discovered I love painting animals to help rescues!  I also know you love your rescue animals!  You feel passionate about saving animals.  And I also am pleased and honored to know you have enjoyed my artwork of the dogs, cats and horses!   I see a need for this kind of thing to grow and continue.

After several months of selling art on eBay and a few other outlets Save A Face was able to raise over $1,150.00 for various animal related rescues and therapies.  I realized that in order to do this right I really need to run it not as a hobby but as a business so it can sustain itself.  That way I can continue to paint what I like to paint.  People can enjoy collecting the art, the rescues can get some much needed money and this whole thing can keep moving forward.

So what I am doing is regrouping.  I am in the midst of streamlining some things in order to be more efficient and I am organizing this worthy endeavor in such a way that it can be self sustaining and have a greater reach.  So I am asking for you to bare with me while I do some nuts and bolts work behind the scenes.  My hope is to have this better situated with a well put together web site not long after the first of the year.

In the meantime I have put some artwork up on Etsy at  The fees are less and the price is set, unlike on eBay but this is original art- one of a kind stuff here and 20% will go to the rescue of your choice.

I am excited to show you what I have in store for you but for now I need to just get it all in place.



‘The Three Amigos’, work in progress

I got started on this painting over the weekend.  The faces of these horses is what got me started on this project.

horses from a 'kill pen'

The Three Amigos

work in progress oil painting

They were referred to as ‘The 3 Amigos’.  They are the face of horse slaughter.  Young, purebred, unbroke or green broke, healthy– full of potential but because of over breeding, a bad economy or just plain bad luck, 100’s of horses just like them are hauled, often long distances, in crowded, stressful conditions to Mexico or Canada to be slaughter for the horse meat market in Europe.   

My hope with this project is to give a face to the ones in need and bring awareness to the issues before them and supporting the rescues that work so hard to make a difference. 

This painting, when completed, will first be auctioned off on e-bay.   You can find my current listing by searching either Save A Face or artbysuestiener2010.  Feel free to share this link.  After the original is sold I will make archival, professional quality limited edition ACEO’s (collectible playing card sized prints) and 9 x 12 prints.

A portion of the proceeds of all artwork goes back to the designated rescue mentioned in the e-bay listing. 

I like the symbolism in this painting.  In the background will be the silohette of a horse in the light… getting out, so to speak.  That horse represents the ones that are rescued and find homes.  Right now more are lost than rescued but by increased awareness and stricter laws and regulations, less demand for horse meat and more responsible breeding we hope to turn those numbers around.    More gelding and euthansia clinics would also help.  If you have an old horse please keep in mind it is SO much kinder to humanely euthanize than to send thru an auction or sell to a horse broker. 

Consider subscribing to this blog to get updates as I continue working on this painting.

Thank you,

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

White Horse Studio

324 Cleveland Ave. NW

Canton, Ohio 44703

I want them all!!!

I love horses!!!

I think one reason the loss of the 3 Amigo mares has really effected me is I came ~this~ close to offering a home!!  You can probably find my posts on the facebook photo albums underneath their photo verifying this.  My head was saying — no, you’ve taken in two and you barn is full!  My heart offered summer pasture to someone so that could be considered a ‘home offer’.   My head was saying that if you get in over your head you are not helping anyone!  Caring for horses takes time.  I feel good about the time I have to spend with my 4 horses.  I am able to groom, ride, inspect and dote on each one.  It takes time to care for them.   My heart was frantically trying to figure out how I could get more horses so they could be saved.  My head said ‘that is not the solution. ‘  

Becoming a ‘horse hoarder’ is not the answer to the problem of horses going to slaughter.  Education and supporting rescues is the answer.  That is my hope for this project.  Lets gather forces, educate and support our favorite rescues!  Please spread the word to others so our reach can spread. 

I like the idea of the ACEO cards because I can still collect the wonderful faces I want to help.  I can care for the horses in my care AND collect more and more and more!!!  And help those in need in the process.   

If you also want to help and fight the urge to collect …. please browse this web site and see what we are building here.  We would like you to collect ACEO cards that help the rescues.  By doing so you can still collect …. and promote… and educate and support rescues.   

Thank you!

Sue Steiner