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I am SO Appreciative!

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

The last several months I have had the pleasure of seeing not only progress in the health and physical condition of my rescue horses but also am seeing major improvements in their emotional well being.  I can see they feel good and are happy.  The other thing these horses have done for me is bring some really wonderful people into my life.  I have made friends thru social media which has led to being able to make new friends in person as well!  I have horse friends again!  🙂  I have seen the horses bring a sparkle to some very special  ‘at risk’ kids eyes.  I have met a wonderful local horse trainer who is kind and knowledgeable and good with the horses.  I have friends across the country and even over seas who are helping promote Save A Face.  People are bidding on the artwork.  I am getting donations from other artists.  This is all so very touching!  We have passed the 500.00 mark for donations collected from eBay sales.  I know the rescues and therapy programs appreciate what all of you are doing.  Amazing how what might on the surface appear to be only about the animals is really good for the people too!  This makes me happy because I am not one of those animal rescue people who don’t ‘like’ people.  I would probably be rescuing people (babies and kids for sure!!!) if it wasn’t so much more complicated!  I like to think though now that in a way this people rescuing is happening too starting with me.

My daughter left for college and it is a very exciting, happy time but so bittersweet too.  I have braced for this time hoping I would handle the transition well.  I knew my daughter would do wonderful!  🙂  So I appreciate how  this project has brought a new focus and people to my life.

I wanted to share some photos of the horses taken today.

palomino rescue horse


arabian mare  equine artist

Me and Abbey

brindle roan horse

Baylie and Sue

art helping the wild mustangs!


New listings up on eBay!  Search ‘Save A Face’ or follow this


Thank you!


To Bid On Artwork


Artwork is listed by way of eBay using their Giving Works program.   This means eBay handles the transaction and send the rescue’s their part of the proceeds so you can be assured this is handled appropriately.  

eBay Listings  link

You can also search directly on eBay ‘Save A Face’ for current listings.

Don’t forget to share eBay listing links on facebook and twitter to help your favorite rescues.


And as always we appreciate the rescues, the animals and YOU!


Benefitting Alder Horse Rescue and my new Appy

July 2, 2010 3 comments

 Alder Hill Farm has taken in numerous appaloosa horses in every size, shape and color that are now ready to be adopted and trained.  I painted this colorful appaloosa in order to honor my new appy rescue, Splash but also to benefit Adler Hill Rescue. 

I have several new pieces that will go up for auction after the holiday.  I also am starting to get donations from other artists as well so there will be a variety to choose from. 

Remember you can help by tweeting the e-bay listings and blog posts, joining our facebook group and ‘sharing’ photos and links and inviting friends.  

Thank you so much!!

Sue Steiner

animal artist

‘The Three Amigos’, work in progress

I got started on this painting over the weekend.  The faces of these horses is what got me started on this project.

horses from a 'kill pen'

The Three Amigos

work in progress oil painting

They were referred to as ‘The 3 Amigos’.  They are the face of horse slaughter.  Young, purebred, unbroke or green broke, healthy– full of potential but because of over breeding, a bad economy or just plain bad luck, 100’s of horses just like them are hauled, often long distances, in crowded, stressful conditions to Mexico or Canada to be slaughter for the horse meat market in Europe.   

My hope with this project is to give a face to the ones in need and bring awareness to the issues before them and supporting the rescues that work so hard to make a difference. 

This painting, when completed, will first be auctioned off on e-bay.   You can find my current listing by searching either Save A Face or artbysuestiener2010.  Feel free to share this link.  After the original is sold I will make archival, professional quality limited edition ACEO’s (collectible playing card sized prints) and 9 x 12 prints.

A portion of the proceeds of all artwork goes back to the designated rescue mentioned in the e-bay listing. 

I like the symbolism in this painting.  In the background will be the silohette of a horse in the light… getting out, so to speak.  That horse represents the ones that are rescued and find homes.  Right now more are lost than rescued but by increased awareness and stricter laws and regulations, less demand for horse meat and more responsible breeding we hope to turn those numbers around.    More gelding and euthansia clinics would also help.  If you have an old horse please keep in mind it is SO much kinder to humanely euthanize than to send thru an auction or sell to a horse broker. 

Consider subscribing to this blog to get updates as I continue working on this painting.

Thank you,

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

White Horse Studio

324 Cleveland Ave. NW

Canton, Ohio 44703

New Horse, Dog and Cat Art to Benefit Rescues

I listed 3 new paintings on e-bay for sale by way of an auction.  The previous art I listed has either sold or is still being bid on.  Thank you all participating and sharing the links.  I appreciate what you are doing and I know the rescues appreciate whatever we can do to support them.  

So if you are looking for a gift for a special animal friend… or want something for yourself… I hope you’ll stop by and consider bidding.  I am now offering a shipping discount for people who buy multiple items.  

E-bay Link to my listings:  Or search e-bay for Save A Face or artbysuesteiner2010 

Grazing Horses in Oil

‘Grazing Horses’ is painted in an impressionistic style of a peaceful grouping of sleek, happy horses doing what they like best!   11 x 14 on canvas board 

German Shepherd Dog Oil Painting

This 9 x 12 oil painting is of a soulful dog speaking thru his eyes.  How do dogs know us so well??  And still love us so much?   My dogs continually surprise me how well they can read me and my emotions.   I also am contunally amazed at how happy they are to see me… even if its only been a few minutes.  Love and devotion are two words that sum up a dogs character so well.  It saddens me how many end up in shelters.  Proceeds from this painting will go to a 501 (c) 3 rescue organization that rescues and rehomes dogs.  

Phat Cat in Pastels

This hefty but beautiful cat is a fun, whimisical rendering of a orange tabby feeling quite pleased with themselves… but how else would a cat feel but pleased with themselves!!  Love the attitude.  Love the kitties!!  The sale of this animal art will benefit an animal rescue that helps find homes for stray dogs and cats.

To see more of my work or inquire about a pet portrait please stop by

The 3 Amigos, a beginning not an end

May 8, 2010 7 comments
horses from a 'kill pen'

The Three Amigos

Save a Face

As an animal artist I have a special interest in causes that help animals or victims of any kind.  I love fighting for the underdog and appreciate people who do the same. 
I had an experience recently of getting caught up in the beautiful, sweet faces of some rescue horses that did not get saved.  Often we don’t see the faces of those who were lost so my goal is to give a face to them and help raise awareness of horse slaughter.  As a portrait artist I am figuratively and literally drawn to faces so why not use that ability to raise awareness of the animals plight?  I was reminded of the power of seeing a face to move people…. we might be able to look away until we see the face and see the individual.   Once you see an individual than it is much harder to remove yourself from the tragedy of a lost being, whether it is a starving child in a third world country or an abandoned animal.  I want to capture those faces.  I have decided to take the emotions of feeling helpless and use it to do what I can to help.  
My first course of action will be to paint these beautiful young horses.  I will be offering the painting for sale on e-bay with the proceeds to benefit Another Chance 4 Horses.    I have another artist on board with this project who will be doing something similiar.  If you are an artist and have an interest in this project please let me know.  If you have a face and a cause you’d like attention drawn to please conact me as well.  You may post your info on my artist page on facebook  or leave a comment on this post.  My e-mail is   
Thank you!
animal artist