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A Multi-Colored Life

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

A Multi-Colored Life.

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I am SO Appreciative!

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

The last several months I have had the pleasure of seeing not only progress in the health and physical condition of my rescue horses but also am seeing major improvements in their emotional well being.  I can see they feel good and are happy.  The other thing these horses have done for me is bring some really wonderful people into my life.  I have made friends thru social media which has led to being able to make new friends in person as well!  I have horse friends again!  🙂  I have seen the horses bring a sparkle to some very special  ‘at risk’ kids eyes.  I have met a wonderful local horse trainer who is kind and knowledgeable and good with the horses.  I have friends across the country and even over seas who are helping promote Save A Face.  People are bidding on the artwork.  I am getting donations from other artists.  This is all so very touching!  We have passed the 500.00 mark for donations collected from eBay sales.  I know the rescues and therapy programs appreciate what all of you are doing.  Amazing how what might on the surface appear to be only about the animals is really good for the people too!  This makes me happy because I am not one of those animal rescue people who don’t ‘like’ people.  I would probably be rescuing people (babies and kids for sure!!!) if it wasn’t so much more complicated!  I like to think though now that in a way this people rescuing is happening too starting with me.

My daughter left for college and it is a very exciting, happy time but so bittersweet too.  I have braced for this time hoping I would handle the transition well.  I knew my daughter would do wonderful!  🙂  So I appreciate how  this project has brought a new focus and people to my life.

I wanted to share some photos of the horses taken today.

palomino rescue horse


arabian mare  equine artist

Me and Abbey

brindle roan horse

Baylie and Sue

art helping the wild mustangs!


New listings up on eBay!  Search ‘Save A Face’ or follow this


Thank you!

Purchased Artwork Arriving at New Homes

I wanted to thank the people who have purchased artwork and who have shared links to the e-bay auctions.  I am new to e-bay so its been interesting learning the process.  If any of the buyers care to leave a positive feedback for me it would be much appreciated.  Right now I am a zero.  LOL!  I won’t let a number discourage me though!  I’ll blaze on and keep painting and building this project. 

What I will be doing with my portion of the income coming in from these beginning rounds of sales is use it to make archival, professioanl quality ACEO cards and 9 x 12 prints.  These will be sold as limited edition prints with the idea of people collecting their favorite rescue animals or rescue organization.  They also are meant to be traded and shared– think baseball cards. 

Last night I started ‘The Three Amigos’ painting.  it is on a 16 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas.  I’ve got a good start on it and even see tons of symobolism in the composition that I will share when I post the painting.  My goal is to not let those young, full of life and potential horses lives to have been in vain.  I want to them as the poster children of the need for responsible breeding and the incentive to stop horse slaughter.    The stress these horses go thru is tremendous.  I just heard of another young, horse died in the kill pen.

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