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Regrouping in Order to do this Better!

November 5, 2010 2 comments

colorful cat face painting

I love to paint!  I love my rescue animals.  And I have discovered I love painting animals to help rescues!  I also know you love your rescue animals!  You feel passionate about saving animals.  And I also am pleased and honored to know you have enjoyed my artwork of the dogs, cats and horses!   I see a need for this kind of thing to grow and continue.

After several months of selling art on eBay and a few other outlets Save A Face was able to raise over $1,150.00 for various animal related rescues and therapies.  I realized that in order to do this right I really need to run it not as a hobby but as a business so it can sustain itself.  That way I can continue to paint what I like to paint.  People can enjoy collecting the art, the rescues can get some much needed money and this whole thing can keep moving forward.

So what I am doing is regrouping.  I am in the midst of streamlining some things in order to be more efficient and I am organizing this worthy endeavor in such a way that it can be self sustaining and have a greater reach.  So I am asking for you to bare with me while I do some nuts and bolts work behind the scenes.  My hope is to have this better situated with a well put together web site not long after the first of the year.

In the meantime I have put some artwork up on Etsy at  The fees are less and the price is set, unlike on eBay but this is original art- one of a kind stuff here and 20% will go to the rescue of your choice.

I am excited to show you what I have in store for you but for now I need to just get it all in place.



I’ve Been in Mixed Media Kind of Mood!

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I had fun going back to watercolor and pastels this past week.  One thing that is good for an artist’s heart is to be able to mix things up!  That and for me at least being able to be with my family and animals.  The weather is beautiful and I am savoring this last bit of nice weahter before you- know – what.

Here’s some new art going up for bidding.

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The Rescues Started Receiving Their Donation Checks!!

August 30, 2010 3 comments

Save a Face artwork is sold by way of ebay auctions thru their Giving Works program.  MissionFish collects the donations and distributes it to the rescues.  One of the policies is to hold the funds for 45 days in case of a dispute or refund.  So the wait seemed endless for the rescues to get their money.  With a new program it is important to gain people’s trust and confidence so I was anxious to get thru this waiting period imposed by MissionFish and eBay so everyone knew I was legit and serious about this!   The rescues got their donations and will continue to get more as the artwork has been steadily selling.  Thank you!  This is one of those things that just feels good to do!  Lots of win-win-win scenarios in this as the rescues get exposure and donations, the animals in need benefit, I have a chance to get my art out to people that may not have seen it otherwise and I am staying in the black so I can continue doing more of the same.   To date Save A Face has collected over $500.00 for various rescues since I started this in June.   Maybe that’s not breaking any records but I also know that the money has been very much appreciated and as I see it- this is just the beginning.

I have some new work going up this week…. I see though I need a dog or other kind of animal to even things out a bit!  As always I appreciate it when share deserving rescues, rescue animal photos and tell others about us.  Here’s some ways to help if you like what I am doing:  (besides buy artwork)  🙂

comment here

suggest a rescue so I can add them to my link page and possibly do future artwork to benefit them

post photos of animals on our facebook wall

invite friends to the blog, twitter or facebook accounts

share rescue stories on our facebook wall or here

share the eBay links on your blogs or social media accounts

Nominate your favorite rescue and rescue animal to be a future painting

And remind people the art is in all price points– quite reasonable for original art.  I sell it my artwork for much more out of my studio or when I do commissions.

I also am offering prints and cards now too.  The ACEOs haven’t really caught on much and to be honest I don’t like working that small.   I do like the chunky gallery wrapped canvas pieces that are 5 x 5 up to 8 x 8.  They make a nice wall grouping or can be used on a table or shelf.

So let’s keep this rolling!!  Thank you for your help and support!

‘Trash To Treasure’ Painting Series

August 15, 2010 3 comments

I used this term ‘Trash to Treasure’ with the very first Save A Face painting because I wanted to demonstrate how something one person views as ‘trash’ is another’s treasure.  The pretty black and white kitty Will and his siblings were dumped into a trash can less than 24 hours old.  They were found and cared for by Maria and Don Appleby of Champaign, IL .    Maria and Don have made their home a haven for many rescued animals over the years and are a wonderful advocate for animals in need.  I painted a dog owned and loved by Maria and Don after reading a touching story written by Maria, who is an aspiring writer.    The story was titled The Last Ride and described the last ride to the vet’s to do what was necessary but oh so hard!  She reflected over the past years with this sweet dog that was adopted at the humane society and how she had added so much to their life.

Will, Toby and Andy very much fit the description of Trash to Treasure!  These kitties, along with their thoughtful owners have been a blessing to so many!  A true Treasure!

Save A Face animal art being offered on eBay auctions

Will, a real Treasure!

50% of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to MEOW Cat Rescue

yellow lab mix dog painting

Nikki, A Gem!

Fun Southwest Cowgirl and Mustang Art

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

I have painted a series of funky, fun southwest style art with wild mustangs, pink cowboy boots and a colorful, high spirited bronco.  The paintings are offered for sale on eBay to benefit horse and animal rescues.  In this week’s group of paintings you will also find a pastel pig print, a mini puppy painting, an orange tabby cat lounging in the sun, a beautiful equine themed painted gourd and a stylized painting of an arabian horse.   Please follow this link to see the listings.   Save A Face Listings

I will begin in the next couple days to include the rescue story of some of the new animals I will be painting.  I think it adds so much when you can hear where the animals came from and how they were helped.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

animal artist

New Horse, Dog and Cat Art to Benefit Rescues

I listed 3 new paintings on e-bay for sale by way of an auction.  The previous art I listed has either sold or is still being bid on.  Thank you all participating and sharing the links.  I appreciate what you are doing and I know the rescues appreciate whatever we can do to support them.  

So if you are looking for a gift for a special animal friend… or want something for yourself… I hope you’ll stop by and consider bidding.  I am now offering a shipping discount for people who buy multiple items.  

E-bay Link to my listings:  Or search e-bay for Save A Face or artbysuesteiner2010 

Grazing Horses in Oil

‘Grazing Horses’ is painted in an impressionistic style of a peaceful grouping of sleek, happy horses doing what they like best!   11 x 14 on canvas board 

German Shepherd Dog Oil Painting

This 9 x 12 oil painting is of a soulful dog speaking thru his eyes.  How do dogs know us so well??  And still love us so much?   My dogs continually surprise me how well they can read me and my emotions.   I also am contunally amazed at how happy they are to see me… even if its only been a few minutes.  Love and devotion are two words that sum up a dogs character so well.  It saddens me how many end up in shelters.  Proceeds from this painting will go to a 501 (c) 3 rescue organization that rescues and rehomes dogs.  

Phat Cat in Pastels

This hefty but beautiful cat is a fun, whimisical rendering of a orange tabby feeling quite pleased with themselves… but how else would a cat feel but pleased with themselves!!  Love the attitude.  Love the kitties!!  The sale of this animal art will benefit an animal rescue that helps find homes for stray dogs and cats.

To see more of my work or inquire about a pet portrait please stop by