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‘Golden Boy’ in oils

Golden Boy, a palomino and his angels

 11 x 14 Original Oil Painting on hardboard

E-bay Auction (search  Save A Face or artbysuesteiner2010 if this is expired) https://saveaface.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/golden-boy-in-oils/

I am continually amazed at the beautiful horses that find themselves in the kill pens at horse auctions.  I painted this painting I am calling Golden Boy after seeing a beautiful.. stunning actually,  pale palomino gelding at an auction in PA.   I put in a bid as a home offer… and then a mix up occurred.  By his name another person was named as his ‘home’.  I heard though he is coming to me but I haven’t heard officially.  LOL  I painted this when I still thought he was going to Florida.  Either way he is much better off than where he was.  If he shows up at my place I will post pics of him.  For now you can look (and BID) on the painting.  🙂  As I painted it I was going with a slightly abstract, colorful style and an angel image emerged so I kept it.  thats one of the things I love about this kind of painting… you let it evolve and tell YOU what it will be– very loose, free.  Many people tell me this style of painting conveys lots of energy.  I like that idea because it would make me happy if you looked at this painting and felt good.  Thats what its suppose to do. 

Take care and thanks for following and sharing links here and to the e-bay listings.  A portion of the proceeds of this piece will  go back to http://www.ac4h.com as thanks for helping this ‘golden boy’ find a new home- where ever that may be!

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