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Hunter/Jumper TB Original Watercolor

This original watercolor is of a handsome thoroughbred horse.  Tb’s are said to have the ‘Look Of Eagles’ although I think in this portrait the horses eye is very kind and relaxed.  One of the things I loved about our tb mare is she was sweet as the day is long but about the most athletic horse I have ever seen.  She had a calm, thoughtful way about herself but could turn on the power when needed.  She also loved to jump!  It breaks my heart that many horses going thru the auction and ultimately head for slaughter are tbs.  The proceeds from the sale of this painting goes to CANTER, Ohio which rehomes and rescues tbs. 

This painting is framed in a unstained wood frame, matted and signed under glass.  The painting is 9 x 12 and with the matt is 11 x 14.  Please consider bidding on this piece.   If you can’t bid but want to help please share this link on social networks or direct your friends here.  I also welcome links to this site. 

Thank you and happy trails. 

Hunter Jumper Thoroughbred Horse Watercolor Painting


Here’s a link to the online auction.  You can also search Save A Face on e-bay or artbysuesteiner2010 


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