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I want them all!!!

I love horses!!!

I think one reason the loss of the 3 Amigo mares has really effected me is I came ~this~ close to offering a home!!  You can probably find my posts on the facebook photo albums underneath their photo verifying this.  My head was saying — no, you’ve taken in two and you barn is full!  My heart offered summer pasture to someone so that could be considered a ‘home offer’.   My head was saying that if you get in over your head you are not helping anyone!  Caring for horses takes time.  I feel good about the time I have to spend with my 4 horses.  I am able to groom, ride, inspect and dote on each one.  It takes time to care for them.   My heart was frantically trying to figure out how I could get more horses so they could be saved.  My head said ‘that is not the solution. ‘  

Becoming a ‘horse hoarder’ is not the answer to the problem of horses going to slaughter.  Education and supporting rescues is the answer.  That is my hope for this project.  Lets gather forces, educate and support our favorite rescues!  Please spread the word to others so our reach can spread. 

I like the idea of the ACEO cards because I can still collect the wonderful faces I want to help.  I can care for the horses in my care AND collect more and more and more!!!  And help those in need in the process.   

If you also want to help and fight the urge to collect …. please browse this web site and see what we are building here.  We would like you to collect ACEO cards that help the rescues.  By doing so you can still collect …. and promote… and educate and support rescues.   

Thank you!

Sue Steiner

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